My little ROCK

Here she is in all her glory and she hasn’t changed one little bit, since I first picked her up.

Now of course being a male/man/boy at heart and for sentimental reasons only mind, I’ve chosen to call her my rock but then she could just as well be a he, for I have as yet to figure that out for that’s precisely my preponderance here, because just how does one gender-assign a rock.

Yet dare I to ask a volcanologist, then the conversation might take on an altogether different perspective entirely and I might with a shake of the head, have to walk away even more confused than perhaps the reader may conceivably be.

My rock has not expressed an opinion one way or another on the subject and has not come to think of it, expressed her opinion on anything actually, which of course continues to confound me all the more because we have quite literally been together now for years and I do really mean many, many a year.

We have ventured everywhere, journeyed to countless foreign lands, climbed mountains, having kayaked and canoed down fierce rivers, hiked from here to Timbuktu and not a single word has she ever uttered, whatever can I do.

Counselling just may be our only solution but I wouldn’t want to ever broach this with her, and anyway, wouldn’t that be our last resort, because let’s be frank here we’ve had our moments and I’ve said some awfully foul mouthed things and divulged some seriously sensitive stuff to have our laundry aired in so cavalier a fashion.

She remains my rock, my little piece of ancient earth and without her, I truly would be lost, for whatever her dialect or gender even, she’s remained staunchly loyal and would I hope be faithful to the bitter end.

Thanks for caring and sharing and enduring my little ROCK.

These precarious times

On the 31/01/2020 the British government finally delivered on it’s pledge to uphold a democratic choice provided them by their electorate through a referendum on whether to remain or leave the European Union.

Brexit, as it has commonly been referred to, has undoubtedly concentrated the minds of all concerned and even now, as I write, a decision has as yet to be reached through on-going negotiations on our future trading relationship with the European Union and consequently, what this position might mean should an agreement fail to be reached. As the protagonists (negotiators) struggle to cross the “T’s & to dot the numerous I’s” outstanding, before they are then able to lay before their respective legislative bodies, for them to then scrutinize the detail, before a meaningful vote is cast, on whether they should ratify what a post brexit trade agreement would then in law, come to look like.

Even now, with several agreed time-frames having come and gone and perhaps now with even the eleventh hour too all but exhausted, there are still some optimist’s surprisingly holding out on a settlement being reached. This is surely even for those staunch supports of the European Union within Parliament, more wishful thinking.

Disconcertingly, as the edge of the precipice now looms ever larger, our Government and indeed our parliamentarians are caught in a vortex of which even a hardened heart might bulk at wanting to take even a tentative next step first, for such a step will inevitably mean confronting the void, when critically, the choice ought really to have been made to prevent such a catastrophe from occurring in the first place, made some considerable time ago.

What does a hard Brexit actually look like, because we’ve most certainly been given a hypothetical peek at what an impending disaster might look like and as confidently, when anticipating those opportunities as a sovereign entity, a cursory glimpse of a world, ‘then being there for the taking to further our aspirations’ laying before us. Of course nothing, at least not since papyrus came along had we the need to write anything down, let alone then in stone and therefore, we can afford to be more organic about what we convict to text surely!

These are after all “Post Brexit Negotiations” on our future trading arrangements and yet coming to the end as we now are, of an agreed transition period without any agreement in place, should not have proven to be as detrimental as things now appear to have become, should they? It most certainly shouldn’t have become as acrimonious and in hindsight, it is easier to appreciate those initial mistakes made, which of course merely fuels the discord felt because far from any level playing field, we presented an argument whilst remaining within the bloc and as a consequence of this ludicrous position, our hands have been tied, our oars confiscated, the boat scuttled, whilst lashings of masking tape was liberally bound around us with complete contempt just prior to our being dumped unceremoniously back into the channel from whence we came. as one last painful prod of a boot, hammer’s home, just how serious our falling out with our near neighbours, has actually meant to them.

The presumptuousness of a negotiated deal initially presented to parliament practically brought the roof crashing down on our parliamentarians heads as they each sought to air their opinion all at once. On three separate occasions, parliament was asked to decide on the deal put before them in what is called a meaningful vote. It was rejected each time and Brexit had it’s second casualty as yet another prime minister then felt their position was untenable and she promptly offered her resignation.

It was always, rather than it becoming immediately apparent, that some harsh realities had no genuine solution because of the way in which nation’s within Great Britain making up the United Kingdom then sought to influence the choice given them in the referendum. When providing regional assemblies to those entities making up the United Kingdom, it was perhaps felt that Westminster was in someway, far removed from appreciating the actual reality on the ground in these so-called far flung regions. Administratively speaking, it made perfect sense to initiate a program which provided greater autonomy to their respective communities and would mean less inconvenience for the authority at Westminster to be otherwise forever lambasted for it’s short comings. These entities along with their devolved power’s are now become government’s, albeit still accountable to Westminster but they are each now begining to move in a way which is far from conducive for the maintenance of this union and which now threatens our amalgamation, which had been the envy of the world.

Are our differences so great that we should contemplate the necessity to debate our own future relationship’s too? Constitutionally we are one and the same whatever nationalists may now wish to argue. What has caused this oxymorons happenstance, because in blatant disregard to democracy, a hand continues to play a key role on opening a lock it doesn’t hold a combination for or indeed the authority in it’s attempt to unlock. Plenipotentiary power’s remain solely in the hands of the first lord. Executives remain subordinate to that power during times of crisis however uncomfortable their proscribed duties. A crisis of conscience is the domain of the conscientious objector and their responsibilities are afforded the able bodied. It is harder to maintain indefinite peace, just ask the fallen who fought for a moment longer to secure it for those of us left to enjoy it, if we dare.

Incomprehensibly fraudulent & alarmingly deceitful Home Secretary

The United Kingdom are anything but United on the Island of Great Britain at the moment. Well actually, ‘that’s been the state for some considerable time now and of late’, thing’s have become all the more alarming due to circumstances that appear bewilderingly beyond it’s inhabitants abilities to manage in any meaningful way, despite having one of the most advanced economies and indeed parliament’s in the world. This is of no conciliation for tens of millions who rightly look on incredulously, as one administration after another ineptly administer to their needs like the buffoons they are. What could cause such consternation and have we a way out to be able to look forward with hope, let alone the confidence to meet our international obligations, as our own domestic affairs become seemingly unbridgeable amongst the elites that purport to have our best interests at heart. Undoubtedly the challenges have become exasperated by a global Pandemic and our looking for leadership during such a crisis has fed our frustrations all the more with the stop, start and stop again approach as we grapple with contradictory and often down right idiotic information being drip fed to us. Eminent specialists advise and attempt to provide government and they in turn us, with up to the minute analysis and indeed of the progress being made on finding an antidote to combat the covid-19 virus and yet we are as reliably told, that a vaccine may take many years to find. As the fatalities of this disease climb ever higher and more and more families mourn the lose of loved one’s, the emergency measures we are advised to follow and become liable for, should we choose to ignore them, have been enforced time and again on those who have broken these seemingly draconian laws, so much so that numerous people have been sent to prison, albeit in exceptional circumstances, but to prison they have been sent. Extraordinary circumstances which confound our senses, establishing who amongst us are behaving recklessly and who accordingly must pay, if not with their lives but with their liberty, becomes an affront when our very own government behind all of our backs, international obligations or not, provide sanctuary to tens of thousands of illegal migrants, who coincidentally are putting all of our lives at risk with their criminality, when they collectively decide to cross one of the busiest channels in the world, to reach our shores, do so with impunity. They despite their being obliged by the Dublin Accord to seek sanctuary in the first safe heaven, arrive here without any relevant documentation to support who they claim themselves to be, from countries they purport to be from, without passports or documentary evidence of their having received the appropriate inoculations, are actually demonstrating their utter contempt for international law and of their willingness to put their lives at risk to breach our laws designed to keep us all safe, should raise some red flags but yet they are being facilitated, not by international gangs but by our very own government who have legislated to criminalise their own electorate for breaching lockdown laws when visiting their next door neighbours or standing to close to one another. This is not hypocrisy but a dereliction of duty. The overwhelming number of these illegal migrants, whatever their personal circumstances, are young men of combatant age, already contemptuous of the risks they take and without any morale obligation to a single one of us, arrive expectant, demanding and who remain indignant, despite the support provided to them, lash out and have even killed innocent people for perceived slights done to them, when having found sanctuary. What then “Home Secretary” of our safety when you provide false misinformation about those measures you’re compelled to provide, proving to be wholly inadequate and damned-right lies. Who are you to ignore our genuinely held concerns as you masquerade as our Home Secretary, ignoring the clear and present danger at our gate. Who are you, “Home Secretary”? Who are you?

Government Intransigence

The coalition Government, which consists of a Conservative majority, along with the other element, or essential ingredient to help prop up its legitimacy, in the form of the (DUP), or Ulster Democratic Party, have presided over what can only be described as the most inept administration to have ever held office. Given a clear mandate to deliver on Brexit, the treaty espoused and unilaterally approved of by the European Union and proclaimed as having been negotiated with the British Governments acceptance of those conditions along with a divorce package of £39. Billion, (sterling), to help soften the economic shortfall, is anything but a done deal.

The most divisive piece of legislation surrounds the, Backstop. An apparent security net of measures to prevent the feasibility of erecting a physical system, or boarder control once again on the Island of Ireland. For almost two decades now, and ever since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement. A concerted effort from all concerned, has delivered on a PEACE no one would have believed possible, given the ferocious campaigns, met out on one another’s communities, throughout the so called troubles both in the North of Ireland and here, supposedly, on the mainland.

Irrespective of the assurances provided, that Northern Ireland would be put into a temporary customs union with the European Union. This would nevertheless still require the approval of the power sharing executive of Stormont, a devolved Government of Northern Ireland’s, legislative committee or Governance, that is currently being served by Westminster.

Due to irreconcilable differences that plagued its (Stormont’s), fragile existence, which saw the transfer of power revert once again to Westminster. The executive are effectively powerless, except for the influence yielded by the DUP within the British coalition Government, hence there ever likely going to be, any remedial measures that would hold any weight on those temporary backstop red-lines that are surely going to have one side or the other, screaming fowl.

The parliamentarians themselves have brought about such an imposition having voted heavily in favour of a no, no-deal Brexit, being taken off the table, thus giving legitimacy to the deal having already been struck between Mrs May’s Government and the European Union, on the deal being the only one conceivable, for which paradoxically, no general consensus exists amongst the protagonists from both sides of the house, for them to ever continence their becoming signatories to such an obnoxious declaration, either in its present form or might possibly be re-negotiated under duress.

Far from having taken us out of the European Union, the parliamentarians and indeed the Government with its own set of (not to be crossed) red-lines, proclaiming themselves as the true Brexit Party that is able to deliver on Brexit, have effectively written themselves off as a party, losing out handsomely, just as had the opposition party of Labour, in the forced European Parliament Elections held on the 23rd May 2019.

Given the rhetoric surrounding both the remain and leave campaigns, of the many falsehoods that these noble men and women espoused, that conjured up doom and gloom and of all hell breaking loose, then questions surely must be asked of them, to either qualify their appreciation of the subject matter or else they should renounce their statements with a public apology. It is an all to familiar theme, for aren’t all politicians after all, liars anyway?

The British people have without a doubt been lied to. The promise to deliver on the referendum and to then implement the choice chosen by the electorate, has shown us, just how complicit previous administrations have been, when being economical with the truth.

The maintenance of this New World Order has demonstrated the complexity for countering any opposition to it, and will require the finesse of a surgeon to skilfully manoeuvre amongst the detritus that remains of the block that is the European Union. Mr Farage, formerly of Ukip who tirelessly campaigned for 25 years for Britain to leave the European Union and who now leads The Brexit Party, a supposed unilateral gathering of pro-leave candidates, who had themselves jumped ship from their respective parties, and who would have otherwise vilified Mr Farage for his politics, now hail him as their leader, how convenient and indeed beneficial might this mean for The Brexit Party come any election?

The European Elections have painfully demonstrated, just how out of step either of the two main parties were, regarding the vexatious Brexit debacle. Though they may have suffered significantly, the resurgence of the Liberal Democrat’s and Green Parties have helped bolster the campaign to seek a further referendum, come the call of a snap general election. The likelihood of this happening increases with each painful step towards the precipice, as our parliamentarians scamper about seeking a miraculous solution. This search for common ground amongst cross party members, is a commendable step to take considering that the alternatives to armageddon, or so we are told, appears to be less favourable should either party flinch when acquiescing to an uncomfortable truth, that a solution remains just as painfully out of reach, regardless of who’s in the driving seat.

The haemorrhaging of grass root support will prove an altogether different proposition should a snap election be called. Once again in resent by-elections, both Labour and the Tories suffered significant loses, due in essence to neither of the parties having a clearer perspective on what should be done for the greater good. Of course, we’re we truly a sovereign state, then the decisions on deciding any outcome, would surely have proven to be less contentious, let alone, to be as melodramatic.

The Northern Ireland conundrum is not an anomaly but a creation of conquest. Similarly, former colonies of the British Empire, upon their regaining independence, had been invited to join the commonwealth, thus enhancing future relations with their former masters and ensuring that their respective countries had a ready means for accessing the trade markets. This is now precisely the exact same message being offered the British Government but instead of being proffered anything remotely showing parity of esteem or equal membership would evince, we are instead being told by the pretentiousness of power, that is the amalgamation of countries that make up the European Union, through their executive branch that is the commission, that we, the British people, must accept this ludicrous proposition.

What has emerged from this fiasco has been the resurgence in Nationalistic aspirations. An inevitable scenario within any union of Nation States. Devolution heralded a supposedly brighter future for the people of Great Britain, when recognising the necessity to evolve powers away from Westminster and enabling fellow member countries of the Union, like Scotland and Wales to form assemblies and eventually Governments of their own, when they then might exercise executive powers that would ostensibly improve on their respective populace’s welfare. These measures rolled out to regional assemblies and the creation of enterprise zones has undoubtedly improved on building business opportunities. What these businesses however are involved in, is nothing less than a chain, similar to any production line, because without the materials, these lines will cease to exist at all, and given that the manufacturing process is strewn far and wide, even across continents, no one country has a monopoly.

We are undeniably a gifted people’s here on this little Island of ours. So what is it that continuously sets us apart from our fellow citizens from around the world? With the mutual understanding and assurance of annihilation should one or the other of those with similar capabilities decide to take it that one step further, then surely, on a humanitarian level, that mutually beneficial step as a deterrent, has worked. So what was Brexit meant to solve, for all those who decided to wish to leave the European Union?

  1. Sovereignty
  2. Independence
  3. Control over our boarders
  4. Housing
  5. Migration
  6. Fisheries (Terrestrial Waters)

Multiculturalism has played a significant role in our development, as a Nation. However, the release of the United Nations declaration on the Safe and sustainable mass migration of people to venture further than they might have otherwise gone, due to both conflict and economic considerations, has perhaps helped facilitate their further suffering, but especially so when they fall prey to people traffickers.

What the resent European Parliament Elections has demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt, was the absolute necessity for government to listen to the unequivocal voice, beseeching change. Change, not only in our own domestic affairs, but to change our foreign affairs strategy too. Our support in foreign lands in theatres of war particularly, needs addressing and a clearer idea on precisely why our Armed personal should be there and a timescale for a timely withdrawal should be proposed and its implementation adhered to.

The Bakers Dozens

Not content with ruining the institution that is the Conservative Party, it would appear that the Conservatives themselves, now desire to see it pulverized out of existence. For rather than them rally round or indeed for them to step aside, yet another leadership challenge harkens further disruption, chaos and mayhem, without taking us a single millimeter closer to the United Kingdom’s regaining it’s independence from the cauldron of the European Union.

Mrs May’s position was made untenable from within her party. Her announcement regarding her resignation and subsequently, the day that she would finally be stepping down from her prime-ministerial-ship, on the 7th June 2019, albeit continuing to provide a caretaker role whilst her successor is found, was commendable, but for all the wrong reasons. Brexit

There is no doubt how deserving the vilification received on her party’s performance on Brexit would be reviewed. It’s just astonishing actually, given precisely what was being asked of it, but especially so due to the share complexity of attempting to untangle the knot, when forfeiting our sovereignty to the European Union. The truth is, the British people have been manipulated into accepting this debacle because they were not to be trusted with the facts. Whilst some hard and indeed unpalatable truths are now on the table, the Conservative party continues to continence the deal struck without being able to have it passed in Parliament. Three readings later, each unanimously vetoed due to the wording being expressed on the Backstop and still, it’s to be this deal, a negotiated capitulation, or Brexit being dead in the water.

As crises go, this is the mother-load. A constitutional one that involves the aspirational posturing of nationalism, to a thumping beat of a drum. I digress, for its the influence now of bickering colleagues to fathom out, who amongst this bakers dozen, has, not just the fortitude and stomach but indeed the strength of character to pull the leadership out of the bag, and who possess the necessary vision to stand tall and be firm against such overwhelming odds, not just in the face of the opposition here domestically but on the international stage when diplomacy and ambassadorship demonstrates their and our beautiful countries, strengths.

Who are the candidates?

Up to now, 13 people have put their name forward. Not all of them are household names and for those that are, their integrity will surely be put under the microscope and some may even buckle under such scrutiny. They may all have reached the same conclusion, that the waters, far from being becalmed, broil’s away, awaiting the first toe. The bias of the BBC on announcing that the candidates shall have a platform to debate their legitimacy to stand in the first place, will arguably be a loaded affair on the prominence given to certain candidates, when they may be trusted to articulate prepared statements or to hide some agenda’s, make no mistake.

Perhaps the most colorful character to step-up, Mr Boris Johnson, endearing though he may be, had upon an earlier leadership contest, told an unsuspecting world media, that in all good conscience, he would be stepping aside in that instance to become the next prime minister. What changed?

His backup, Michael Gove preferred his own chances and withdrew his support for Mr Johnston, sighting he was as capable, but was this a factor in Mr Johnson’s subsequent decision to turn his back on the leadership contest? In light of resent events, one would suspect not. Once again, Mr Gove too, has put himself forward. Of the eleven remaining candidates, several are relatively unknown, with the exception of those having held ministerial positions, only one, Andrea Leadsom, herself a candidate in the previous aforementioned leadership race, would in turn stand aside for the greater good of the party, to enable Mrs May to succeed David Cameron as Prime Minister. Jeremy Hunt, Matt Hancock, Sajid David, James Cleverly, Kit Malthouse, Dominic Rabb, Rory Stewart and last but by no means least, Ms Ester McVey are all steadfastly naive of the damage their respective challenge continues to do, to their party and indeed for their futures in politics, come an election.

They play a game no one fully understands, well not in its entirety anyway. There are undoubtedly going to be challenges ahead, not least from that shambles in opposition, for Jeremy Corbyn is as unfit to lead a party, to let alone be given the responsibility to run the country. In the forthcoming General Election because this is precisely where this charade is taking us, both the Tories and Labour, having already lost substantially in both the local elections and in that shameful demonstration when forcing European Elections upon the country has shown us, that democracy exists, though only in an archaic sense.

The reemergence of the Liberal Democrat’s and an as strong showing from the Green Party, has along with the forming of the brand new Brexit Party, headed by Nigel Farage, the former UKIP leader, will certainly now put a cat amongst the pigeons, come an election. For now at least, the domestic crisis will continue until the installation of a new Prime Minister finally takes up his or her seat and begins the process of steadying the Conservatives descent, having already gone over the precipice. The will of the people must be adhered to, to continue along Party lines and not find a consensus on braking the deadlock that is absolutely constitutional and fundamental to the peace process of Northern Ireland, let alone for all of us here on the so-called mainland, then the traditional lines of old will surely require the stomach to continence such an appalling prospect on all of our futures.

The good Friday Agreement was negotiated in good faith by the main protagonists and without the opportunistic meddling of third parties, such as the interference from the European Commissioners, that we see today. The Republic of Ireland has had several referendums, having initially desired to leave the European Union, were persuaded under duress to settle or face bankruptcy and more crucially for the European Union, that Ireland should remain within its umbrella and furthermore, become it’s subjects. The negotiated deal on the table for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union fails in several key areas. The Northern Ireland Question had not crossed the minds of the ordinary person on the street here in the United Kingdom, for why would it have, because two decades of peace kept the so-called troubles from off the front pages. The subsequent failure then of our parliamentarians to provide them with such knowledge when out campaigning, when spreading their lies, is tantamount to criminal negligence. The decision to leave the European Union here in the United Kingdom therefore, was not based on the reality that would again stalk communities within Northern Ireland but on the perceived indifference of politicians to the suffering of ordinary folk whose genuinely held concerns were otherwise going unchecked, let alone being redressed on either a local or national level.

The ever changing demographics despite the coalitions protestations on bringing migration down to sustainable levels of between 20.000 to 50.000 or so would instead see year on year increases of upwards of 150.000 to a high of 250.000 people arriving on our shores. A housing crisis beyond the means of any administration to ever deliver on Manifesto pledges, still continues to spiral out of control. An NHS at a critical all time low being under funded and understaffed but nevertheless having to adapt to an ever increasing workload. Tradesmen losing out to underhanded practices and having to forfeit their actual worth in order to provide for their families. An education system buckling under such diverse growth in attendance and the universities having to lower their entry level to meet substandard candidates. Then there’s the soup kitchen handouts (food banks) that continuously make appeals to their communities to do more, compounding people’s frustration of sucking up their pride to stand in a queue answering awkward questions from inquisitive volunteers, who themselves have to put on a brave face as volunteers, to mask their own horror as numbers steadily grow month on month without any end in sight. Brexit for the British at least, was about our maintaining our dignity and integrity on the international stage and having the knowledge that progress was earned through hard work and not just handed to us because we might think it was owed to us because we had the decency to merely turn up. It’s up to our politicians to ensure that the services we rely on, are maintained to the highest standards and therefore the responsibility of government to hold accountable whomsoever is responsible for ministerial shortcomings.

In a recent development, the Conservitives 1922 committee have issued a statement, muting the idea of changing the rules on the number of members going forward on future leadership challenges. It’s been suggested that in future, candidates would require a minimum of eight indorsements from colleagues to enter the first round stage and sixteen in the second, repeating the exercise further still, until whittling the candidates down to just two before asking it’s supporters, some 124.000 payed up members to then decide, who becomes it’s next leader and subsequently, the new Prime Minister of the country. It makes perfectly good sense for such a system to be adopted, and given the unprecedented circumstances currently being played out on the parties implosion, a welcome measure surely!

The standing down of James Cleverly, the MP for Braintree since 2015, because it became painfully obvious, having had numerous conversations with colleagues, that he wouldn’t progress beyond the first round, now leaves a true dozen on the field. It is an embarrassing spectacle, but one in which the damage having already been caused, might still throw up even more surprises. Several of the candidates have begun to formulate their vision on delivering Brexit, pushing fancy ideas around, on changes that they now feel might convince the electorate, of promises in the pipeline, they are hardly likely to ever see come into fruition. Of their desire to deliver a deal, of extending Brexit until late 2020 and even on bringing about a second referendum. None however feel prepared to take a No-deal Brexit, yet all are aware that Brexit was not about securing a deal with the European Union on our leaving. The absurdity of these proposals thwart any prospect of our leaving without one, thus exasperating the popular vote to leave whilst the doors remain steadfastly open, does not deliver on that promise to uphold the democratic decision expressed by the majority.

The whittling down process has progressed although the alignment of fellow conservative MP’s, preferring to irreparably damage the party, appears to have taken on an even more sinister turn, with colleagues now openly denigrating each other over perceived slights and their wishful thinking agendas on delivering further campaign pledges, whilst remaining totally oblivious to the fact, that it is precisely one of their manifesto pledges that has brought about such infighting to ever deliver on its promise to deliver Brexit, in the first place.

On the one hand, on a humanitarian level, we each of us express our grave concerns about what more can be done to support those facing unspeakable hardships. We poor in aid delivering goods and personnel, and at great expense attempt to rebuild essential services but seemingly to no avail. Whilst continuing to postulate our reassurances of nearing a solution, we are effectively deluding ourselves because on the other hand, we bolster up regimes, siding with those presumably on our wave length, thus provisioning them with armaments and munitions that slaughter and maim. The hypocrisy of our interference in the domestic affairs of foreign countries is breathtaking and yet its our approach to our consciences for mustering support on both these fronts that has brought this reprehensible situation to the fore, here in western societies.

Two candidates remain, but for each of them, their respective stances will ensure that a no deal Brexit could not be forced on their colleagues without a further rebellion amongst the irate parliamentarians and effectively a general election would have to be called. Further proof, if proof was ever needed to clarify just how sinister this whole mess has become. This is now no-longer about delivering for the people but about their having to eventually show their complicity regarding unscrupulous practices that have hitherto gone unrecorded for fear of criminal malpractices coming to light. As learned practitioners, they are well schooled in subterfuge and for pulling the wool over people’s eyes, to know that in any debate, but especially so whenever confronted by competent peers, that their game cannot be played out, without the calming reassurance of reality kicking at the doors.

The Betrayal of Democracy

Theresa May, the conservative Prime Minister, is shortly to relinquish her control over the party when she officially stands down on the 6th June. In her resignation speech, she finally conceded that she was unable to deliver on Brexit.

Hardly surprising really, when considering the wider implications being conjured up by nationalist’s pretentiousness, when regurgitating boom and bust outcomes for the future of the Union, regardless of the feasibility of securing a deal with the European Parliament on our future relationship.

So what therefore, given the necessity to carry out such a promising campaign pledge on delivering the opportunity for a referendum, of having to prepare for the worst case scenario coming to fruition?

The share arrogance of this gesture confounds belief, but especially so,when the then coalition of (Con/Lib) sought a clear mandate to deliver the promise when calling a snap general election.

Once again, the electorate were undecided and a further spell of a coalition government would be required to deliver on Brexit. Unfortunately for the Liberal Democrat’s, they would lose handsomely for their part in a fiasco that has brought nothing but chaos and in their stead, the Ulster Democratic Party was induced by a grace and favour payment of £1-billion to help prop up the conservative party’s partial majority to again form a government in crisis strategy to actually deliver on the popular vote to exit the European Union.

Having apparently accepted the subordinate role and graciously welcoming the new timetable, to reconsider the poor decision of the overwhelming majority to leave, the government continued to stall on its promise, so much so, that the initial deadline of the 29th March 2019 was ignored, and a new date was fixed for the 25th November. That then ensured the necessity to campaign for the European Elections, thus exasperating the populace on furthering their involvement with a system that they neither want nor wish for.

Nigel Farage, the former leader of the UKIP party who resigned immediately after his party’s resounding success on delivering the vote on Brexit, due to his wish to get his life back, re-entered politics because of the government’s pathetic stewardship to deliver on Brexit. No-longer a member of the party he once gave up so much for, stating irreconcilable differences because of the direction he felt it was headed in, he formed a new party, The Brexit Party.

This new party or his new autocratic party won the lions share of the votes in the European Elections, ensuring at least, that the voice of the Brexit’er’s would continue to play a key role on having their voices heard. Mr Farage is not a parliamentarian, having failed miserably on several occasions to become a member of Parliament. So what is to be made of his future involvement in the domestic affairs of state, should he again fail to be elected come a general election?

As for the Conservative Party, nine candidates have thus far put their names down for consideration on becoming it’s new leader. Several of whom have held or resigned ministerial positions and are now that much more aware of the complexities involved on delivering Brexit. Yet despite their keenness to want and uphold the Conservative promise to deliver on Brexit, does any one of them honestly believe that they have the strength in depth with their fellow parliamentarians, to let alone show the character, to stand firm, for none of them can hold a candle on Margaret Thatcher, to actually hold the mother of all Parliament’s together long enough to stand tall on the world stage as an independent country, and demonstrate once and for all, that as the 5th richest economy, that we are subordinate to none!!!

Brexit has been a betrayal and inexplicably a denial of democracy that is going to require a herculean effort to put us back together again. Humpty Dumpty has it in the bag, in comparison.

BREXIT’S Subterfuge

Three long exhaustive years of debate on how Gt Britain should leave the European Union. Hard,soft, deal or no deal, has mattered little to a Government who swore on oath, a promise to deliver the people’s vote, but what of that promise?

17.5 million people decided that enough was enough, when one financial crisis after another reaped havoc on the public sector, causing untold suffering, when enforcing austerity measures onto the hard working class, left to pick up the tab because of corporate greed. Those living in rueal area’s were initially the hardest hit, when vital bus services that aided pensioners otherwise house bound into town to collect weekly shopping, medicine’s, attend appointments, to socialise even, were drastically reduced. Then their libraries were taken away, further exasperating their sense of isolation, as coffee mornings; an initiative introduced to help raise funds to retain the services of a part-time, professional librarian to provide essential services would fail to raise sufficient funds to make the scheme viable. As the austerity measures continued to bite, rural police stations would close for the graveyard shift,(Night’s) constables that walked the beat, giving welcome assurance by their presence and even stopping for a chat, would not be spared and in correlation to this, rural crime has now reached epidemic proportions, with many farmers reporting the lose of valuable machinery and more essentially, the live- stock that provides for their livelihoods. The National Health Service (NHS) would also be put under emence strain and continues to feel unappreciated, being both under staffed and greatly underfunded, to meet the demands of a society that is living longer.

The lose of 20.000 frontline police officer’s over a relatively short period of time, has had catastrophic consequences with an increase in both violent and non violent crime. In many instances, crimes whilst logged, would go unpunished, let alone be solved, due to the necessity to restructure and prioritise crimes. Armed police officers now patrol the streets as a matter of course and attend incidents that are presumed to be a threat, fingers lightly resting on the trigger guard, when they were once happy to turn up with their sleeves rolled up. Prisons bursting at the seams with an ever increasing number of foreign nationals preferring the luxury of knowing that their solicitors would fight any extradition and tying the courts up in lengthy litigation procedures, in the realisation that their time whilst up, can nevertheless be dragged out on humanitarian grounds.

Brexit has undoubtedly ruffled the aspirations of the European Union. It’s architects now scamper around attempting to shore up its infrastructure by a showing of unity, amongst its members. Their way or no Brexit, is their solution and their mantra of a battle cry. Red lines are drawn with no quarter what-so-ever to be given, and all of this rhetoric has gotten us precisely no where. With 650 MPs, Parliamentarians if you like, now having unanimously rejected a no-deal scenario, then what of their promise to uphold the people’s choice on leaving the European Union? The likelihood of our now leaving the European Union, given just how acrimonious the divorce is proving to be, is a deliberate attempt to thwart the will of the democratically held referendum result. The Coalition Government brought together to negotiate the intricate withdrawal from the European Union have failed abysmally. Made up by conservatives and the (DUP) Ulster Democratic Party of Northern Ireland, they have between them gifted the European Union with the upper hand and the European Union, as well we now know, only prefer to destroy those Nation States, who’ve expressed their reluctance to continue down a ruinous path with fiscal suicide, should they persist. Referendums were held again and again to convince weaker nation’s that their instincts were wrong and being in it together, somehow made them stronger.

Unlike Ireland, Greece and Italy;. Gt. Britain has by far a much stronger hand than all three of those nation’s combined. The lose of revenue otherwise provided by Gt. Britain to the European Union, even with the reputed £39 billion divorce bill, is going to have a generational impact on those 27 remaining countries within the European Union, with both Germany and France picking up the lions share of their own citizens taxes to cover those revenue’s otherwise lost. What with their having signed up to the United Nations, Safe and Sustainable Global Migration Pact, a monstrosity that is bound to cause much suffering, then the situation is only going to get worse for the European Union.

Fears about what the strengthening European Union might look like, we’re it to continue ahead at pace with the restructuring of Nation States into a single entity, aspiring to merge their respective ground, air and sea armies into the European Army, have finally been revealed. Their protestations about fear mongering was a disengenuiouse rebuttal, and however they may now want to drum up support to realise this aspiration, the writing is on the wall and without the British Fleet, their eventual goal, may take some time to realise.

As an island, we are undoubtedly stronger on a united front, brexit has certainly brought the nationalists out in droves, espousing nonsense at the expense of reasoned debate for there are bound to be differences of opinion and our being able to express our discontent without our being fearful of any reprocussions, helped characterise who we as a united country actually are, as a people. Democracy wasn’t handed down to us to fritter away, for on the contrary, it was hard won and at great expense to those countless many who gave their lives to ensure that we, the masses, were given a say. I’m an extremely proud citizen of Gt. Britain and value the contribution our great nation has provided time and again to the world, those who chose to turn their backs on the European Union, did so to protect their heritage and let’s not forget our ties to the continent of Europe, for our communities brought about this rich tapestry in our shared heritage, it’s culture, Christian or otherwise, helped shape those values now emulated throughout the world.

Brexit was not a declaration of WAR, although seemingly the rhetoric would have us believe otherwise. Pitchfork anyone!


We are all indoctrinated, let’s not beat about the bush on that score and furthermore, it is of course all institutionalised bollox right, right from word cut.

I was christened a Roman Catholic, put through Holly Communion, attended it’s Catholic School, it’s Church and had to endure going to Confession every week not to mention Mass. Impressionable little tinkers doing what they are told, becoming good Christians and having fun whilst fearing the rath of the almighty one.

Each and every one of our respective journeys, whatever our up bringing, will have brought us to a point when the teachings and literature being espoused, would show contradictions in abundance and give us room for thought and the independence I hope, to question it’s mantra.

This indulgence was once frowned upon and heresy laws enforcing countless millions to then succumb to man’s and not god’s word, thus then bringing hate and not love as the commandments would have us otherwise believe.

Who hasn’t on having been blessed with vision, not been left in awe when gazing into the night sky, as light illuminates an arm of our milky way as it traverses through space and wondered at it’s munificence and thought more deeply about its creation.

Religious rhetoric and it’s hypocrisy for ideological supremacy which has in god’s name, slaughtered countless millions of us, is our true enemy. Whilst we as a species continue to give legitimacy to these state run enterprises, then man will lend it’s frustration towards their own down fall.

Countries which maintain standing armies to repel intruders wishing us harm do so desiring only to maintain the status quo, thus packing it’s citizens off on an industrial scale into the mouth of hell, a hell that is man made and could never have been sanctioned by God.

Religion is therefore nothing less than a secretion to be stamped out of existence, for in all of our heart of hearts we are all humans who desire ever lasting peace.

Education needs to get a grip.

Brexit’s first tentative strides:

Who would honestly be able to ever understand how the British tick. BREXIT has opened a genuine can of worms for all to share an opinion on.

Of course my opinion should be considered as valued as the next persons, but unfortunately, someone or another would want to ridicule me on this or that, to themselves express perhaps as succinctly their as strongly held belief, for on the contrary they would argue, for this or that carries more weight.

Our political masters have created a precipice beyond the comprehension of ordinary mortals. For now they argue we must await the outcome of one meaningful vote after another, until they, the Parliamentarians themselves are sickened to death of the political fall out and the infighting amongst parties on all sides of the chamber, to stomach much further, but still the debate rages on without respite.

The world watches on, aghast at what they are witnessing, and no doubt are appalled too, as a once proud Nation stumbles over itself, at it’s ever finding a solution.

Treachery and treason shrill the rants of fabled scribes, glamorising the tears being spilt unchecked by those who fear losing the most, but in actuality, we all do, lose out don’t we?

Hands on hearts, who can honestly say that change in anyone’s life, is something easily to be ignored. Apprehension therefore kicks in because we are intelligent enough to know, that even the best layed plans, can and does sometimes go wrong. Should we then stop short of ever taking the plunge because this or that could go wrong, hardly, for is it not in our nature to succumb readily, hence the two world wars and the countless lives lost since and all because we can and will find something to fight for or over.

I didn’t profess to know the answer or would I dare to presume that there is one, but man must at some point recognise the futility of their endeavours in favour of man’s survival. Our world has witnessed many a catastrophe but nothing like the demonstration that we continuously put on in favour of one over the other.

Our resources on furthering man’s accomplishments, will at some point cease to exist, whilst a humanitarian crisis already prevails throughout our world with our respective cultures damning our efforts to get along peacefully with one another.

Water and our capacity to be able to continuously grow, to let alone feed an ever increasing populace from around the globe, currently standing at 7.4 billion is unquestionably our greatest consideration and yet we habitually put a monetary value over a man’s inherent right to live freely on this, his world too.

The United Nations compact on the SAFE & SUSTAINABLE MIGRATION of PEOPLE to have the right to improve on their otherwise demonstrably poor existence, is a commendable first step towards achieving a global village.

Yet we the British stand in its way, for it to ever become a reality but then BREXIT has shown us our fear for one another’s true intentions and anyway culturally our incompatibility to coexist remains a fundamental stumbling block.

Henry VIII demolished Christendom having redefined it’s usage for his own purpose and selfish requirements, so why can’t we as a modern society do the same. For so long as we continue to align ourselves with our respective ideological differences, then BREXIT will crush our own personal aspirations to ever get along as we would otherwise want to with our neighbours.