My little ROCK

Here she is in all her glory and she hasn’t changed one little bit, since I first picked her up.

Now of course being a male/man/boy at heart and for sentimental reasons only mind, I’ve chosen to call her my rock but then she could just as well be a he, for I have as yet to figure that out for that’s precisely my preponderance here, because just how does one gender-assign a rock.

Yet dare I to ask a volcanologist, then the conversation might take on an altogether different perspective entirely and I might with a shake of the head, have to walk away even more confused than perhaps the reader may conceivably be.

My rock has not expressed an opinion one way or another on the subject and has not come to think of it, expressed her opinion on anything actually, which of course continues to confound me all the more because we have quite literally been together now for years and I do really mean many, many a year.

We have ventured everywhere, journeyed to countless foreign lands, climbed mountains, having kayaked and canoed down fierce rivers, hiked from here to Timbuktu and not a single word has she ever uttered, whatever can I do.

Counselling just may be our only solution but I wouldn’t want to ever broach this with her, and anyway, wouldn’t that be our last resort, because let’s be frank here we’ve had our moments and I’ve said some awfully foul mouthed things and divulged some seriously sensitive stuff to have our laundry aired in so cavalier a fashion.

She remains my rock, my little piece of ancient earth and without her, I truly would be lost, for whatever her dialect or gender even, she’s remained staunchly loyal and would I hope be faithful to the bitter end.

Thanks for caring and sharing and enduring my little ROCK.


BREXIT’S Subterfuge

Three long exhaustive years of debate on how Gt Britain should leave the European Union. Hard,soft, deal or no deal, has mattered little to a Government who swore on oath, a promise to deliver the people’s vote, but what of that promise?

17.5 million people decided that enough was enough, when one financial crisis after another reaped havoc on the public sector, causing untold suffering, when enforcing austerity measures onto the hard working class, left to pick up the tab because of corporate greed. Those living in rueal area’s were initially the hardest hit, when vital bus services that aided pensioners otherwise house bound into town to collect weekly shopping, medicine’s, attend appointments, to socialise even, were drastically reduced. Then their libraries were taken away, further exasperating their sense of isolation, as coffee mornings; an initiative introduced to help raise funds to retain the services of a part-time, professional librarian to provide essential services would fail to raise sufficient funds to make the scheme viable. As the austerity measures continued to bite, rural police stations would close for the graveyard shift,(Night’s) constables that walked the beat, giving welcome assurance by their presence and even stopping for a chat, would not be spared and in correlation to this, rural crime has now reached epidemic proportions, with many farmers reporting the lose of valuable machinery and more essentially, the live- stock that provides for their livelihoods. The National Health Service (NHS) would also be put under emence strain and continues to feel unappreciated, being both under staffed and greatly underfunded, to meet the demands of a society that is living longer.

The lose of 20.000 frontline police officer’s over a relatively short period of time, has had catastrophic consequences with an increase in both violent and non violent crime. In many instances, crimes whilst logged, would go unpunished, let alone be solved, due to the necessity to restructure and prioritise crimes. Armed police officers now patrol the streets as a matter of course and attend incidents that are presumed to be a threat, fingers lightly resting on the trigger guard, when they were once happy to turn up with their sleeves rolled up. Prisons bursting at the seams with an ever increasing number of foreign nationals preferring the luxury of knowing that their solicitors would fight any extradition and tying the courts up in lengthy litigation procedures, in the realisation that their time whilst up, can nevertheless be dragged out on humanitarian grounds.

Brexit has undoubtedly ruffled the aspirations of the European Union. It’s architects now scamper around attempting to shore up its infrastructure by a showing of unity, amongst its members. Their way or no Brexit, is their solution and their mantra of a battle cry. Red lines are drawn with no quarter what-so-ever to be given, and all of this rhetoric has gotten us precisely no where. With 650 MPs, Parliamentarians if you like, now having unanimously rejected a no-deal scenario, then what of their promise to uphold the people’s choice on leaving the European Union? The likelihood of our now leaving the European Union, given just how acrimonious the divorce is proving to be, is a deliberate attempt to thwart the will of the democratically held referendum result. The Coalition Government brought together to negotiate the intricate withdrawal from the European Union have failed abysmally. Made up by conservatives and the (DUP) Ulster Democratic Party of Northern Ireland, they have between them gifted the European Union with the upper hand and the European Union, as well we now know, only prefer to destroy those Nation States, who’ve expressed their reluctance to continue down a ruinous path with fiscal suicide, should they persist. Referendums were held again and again to convince weaker nation’s that their instincts were wrong and being in it together, somehow made them stronger.

Unlike Ireland, Greece and Italy;. Gt. Britain has by far a much stronger hand than all three of those nation’s combined. The lose of revenue otherwise provided by Gt. Britain to the European Union, even with the reputed £39 billion divorce bill, is going to have a generational impact on those 27 remaining countries within the European Union, with both Germany and France picking up the lions share of their own citizens taxes to cover those revenue’s otherwise lost. What with their having signed up to the United Nations, Safe and Sustainable Global Migration Pact, a monstrosity that is bound to cause much suffering, then the situation is only going to get worse for the European Union.

Fears about what the strengthening European Union might look like, we’re it to continue ahead at pace with the restructuring of Nation States into a single entity, aspiring to merge their respective ground, air and sea armies into the European Army, have finally been revealed. Their protestations about fear mongering was a disengenuiouse rebuttal, and however they may now want to drum up support to realise this aspiration, the writing is on the wall and without the British Fleet, their eventual goal, may take some time to realise.

As an island, we are undoubtedly stronger on a united front, brexit has certainly brought the nationalists out in droves, espousing nonsense at the expense of reasoned debate for there are bound to be differences of opinion and our being able to express our discontent without our being fearful of any reprocussions, helped characterise who we as a united country actually are, as a people. Democracy wasn’t handed down to us to fritter away, for on the contrary, it was hard won and at great expense to those countless many who gave their lives to ensure that we, the masses, were given a say. I’m an extremely proud citizen of Gt. Britain and value the contribution our great nation has provided time and again to the world, those who chose to turn their backs on the European Union, did so to protect their heritage and let’s not forget our ties to the continent of Europe, for our communities brought about this rich tapestry in our shared heritage, it’s culture, Christian or otherwise, helped shape those values now emulated throughout the world.

Brexit was not a declaration of WAR, although seemingly the rhetoric would have us believe otherwise. Pitchfork anyone!


We are all indoctrinated, let’s not beat about the bush on that score and furthermore, it is of course all institutionalised bollox right, right from word cut.

I was christened a Roman Catholic, put through Holly Communion, attended it’s Catholic School, it’s Church and had to endure going to Confession every week not to mention Mass. Impressionable little tinkers doing what they are told, becoming good Christians and having fun whilst fearing the rath of the almighty one.

Each and every one of our respective journeys, whatever our up bringing, will have brought us to a point when the teachings and literature being espoused, would show contradictions in abundance and give us room for thought and the independence I hope, to question it’s mantra.

This indulgence was once frowned upon and heresy laws enforcing countless millions to then succumb to man’s and not god’s word, thus then bringing hate and not love as the commandments would have us otherwise believe.

Who hasn’t on having been blessed with vision, not been left in awe when gazing into the night sky, as light illuminates an arm of our milky way as it traverses through space and wondered at it’s munificence and thought more deeply about its creation.

Religious rhetoric and it’s hypocrisy for ideological supremacy which has in god’s name, slaughtered countless millions of us, is our true enemy. Whilst we as a species continue to give legitimacy to these state run enterprises, then man will lend it’s frustration towards their own down fall.

Countries which maintain standing armies to repel intruders wishing us harm do so desiring only to maintain the status quo, thus packing it’s citizens off on an industrial scale into the mouth of hell, a hell that is man made and could never have been sanctioned by God.

Religion is therefore nothing less than a secretion to be stamped out of existence, for in all of our heart of hearts we are all humans who desire ever lasting peace.

Education needs to get a grip.

Without TV

It has practically been a whole year now since selling my 55″ Smart TV, in order to pay several weeks rent. Smart move at the time and indeed it was sorely missed by me on the first evening of my having to adjust to its absence in the living room. It was I feel, way above my level of intelligence anyway, and what with the several hundred channels in which to immerse myself in, I might as well have had just a single channel, for much to my disgust, many of the programme’s we’re repeated over and over again.

Do I miss it? Your having a laugh and what’s more, the license fee has a much more rewarding time of it too.

So what use of all that free time I hear you ask and to be honest, it’s been woefully and inappropriately misused, doing literally nothing. I occasionally listen to music, but only when I need to hear something other than my thoughts reverberating around a seemingly empty chamber screaming out for sustenance.

My mind is otherwise fixated on ranting away at the hypocrisy of self worth and giving it free reign to pull me even further down it’s meandering pathways, into that neurological soup of wishy-washyness, determined to determine what, I really don’t know.

Up and at-em taff.

Brexit’s first tentative strides:

Who would honestly be able to ever understand how the British tick. BREXIT has opened a genuine can of worms for all to share an opinion on.

Of course my opinion should be considered as valued as the next persons, but unfortunately, someone or another would want to ridicule me on this or that, to themselves express perhaps as succinctly their as strongly held belief, for on the contrary they would argue, for this or that carries more weight.

Our political masters have created a precipice beyond the comprehension of ordinary mortals. For now they argue we must await the outcome of one meaningful vote after another, until they, the Parliamentarians themselves are sickened to death of the political fall out and the infighting amongst parties on all sides of the chamber, to stomach much further, but still the debate rages on without respite.

The world watches on, aghast at what they are witnessing, and no doubt are appalled too, as a once proud Nation stumbles over itself, at it’s ever finding a solution.

Treachery and treason shrill the rants of fabled scribes, glamorising the tears being spilt unchecked by those who fear losing the most, but in actuality, we all do, lose out don’t we?

Hands on hearts, who can honestly say that change in anyone’s life, is something easily to be ignored. Apprehension therefore kicks in because we are intelligent enough to know, that even the best layed plans, can and does sometimes go wrong. Should we then stop short of ever taking the plunge because this or that could go wrong, hardly, for is it not in our nature to succumb readily, hence the two world wars and the countless lives lost since and all because we can and will find something to fight for or over.

I didn’t profess to know the answer or would I dare to presume that there is one, but man must at some point recognise the futility of their endeavours in favour of man’s survival. Our world has witnessed many a catastrophe but nothing like the demonstration that we continuously put on in favour of one over the other.

Our resources on furthering man’s accomplishments, will at some point cease to exist, whilst a humanitarian crisis already prevails throughout our world with our respective cultures damning our efforts to get along peacefully with one another.

Water and our capacity to be able to continuously grow, to let alone feed an ever increasing populace from around the globe, currently standing at 7.4 billion is unquestionably our greatest consideration and yet we habitually put a monetary value over a man’s inherent right to live freely on this, his world too.

The United Nations compact on the SAFE & SUSTAINABLE MIGRATION of PEOPLE to have the right to improve on their otherwise demonstrably poor existence, is a commendable first step towards achieving a global village.

Yet we the British stand in its way, for it to ever become a reality but then BREXIT has shown us our fear for one another’s true intentions and anyway culturally our incompatibility to coexist remains a fundamental stumbling block.

Henry VIII demolished Christendom having redefined it’s usage for his own purpose and selfish requirements, so why can’t we as a modern society do the same. For so long as we continue to align ourselves with our respective ideological differences, then BREXIT will crush our own personal aspirations to ever get along as we would otherwise want to with our neighbours.

The end